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Sod Products And Services

We at Kurtz Turf Farm are committed to providing only the best bluegrass and fescue sod in the St. Louis area. The Kurtz family has years of combined experience to ensure that your new lawn will be the best around for years to come. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or need professional installation, we can provide what you need.

Sod Rolls
Our sod is cut in easy-to-handle rolls. Each roll is a standard 18 x 72” size (1 sq. yard) and weighs between 20–30 lbs.

Varieties of Sod

Turf Type Fescue
Turf type fescue is a very attractive grass for the St. Louis area. It has a much finer blade than old varieties of fescue (like those in livestock pastures). However, it possesses much of the same drought tolerance of older, coarser-bladed varieties. Although fescue sod still needs a certain amount of water to thrive, once rooted, it will usually stand up to the St. Louis summers better than bluegrass. One advantage that bluegrass has over fescue is its ability to repair itself and spread back over damaged areas. Because of this we use an 85:15 fescue to bluegrass blend to provide the best of both worlds. Fescue sod can be laid year round.

Bluegrass Sod
Bluegrass sod makes a very beautiful lawn. It has a finer blade than fescue, giving it a very nice texture. It is typically not as drought tolerant as fescue, although with proper irrigation (1’ of water or rainfall per week in the warm times), you can have a beautiful bluegrass lawn year around.

Kurtz Turf Farm serves the entire St. Louis area. We can deliver as little as 100 sq. yards, up to 12000 sq. yards, on our semi-truck. The sod is unloaded with our truck-mounted forklift so we can spot the pallets where you want them so that the customer doesn’t have to carry the sod farther than necessary. Typically only a one-day notice is all that we need to ensure prompt service.

If installing your sod yourself is not an option we can provide professional installation for you. We have the expertise to ensure that your sod is installed properly. Great care is given to ensure that your yard is properly graded and prepared before installation. After the sod is laid, we roll, fertilize and apply initial watering. Any mess that is made from sod installation will be cleaned up before we leave. Upon completion we’ll give you all the information you’ll need to keep your sod looking as good as the day it was installed. We provide free estimates, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Picked Up
Customers can pick up sod directly from our farm. The sod can either be loaded piece by piece into a pick-up truck bed (a full-size pick-up truck can usually haul between 60-80 sq. yards) or entire 60 sq. yard pallets can be loaded onto your trailer with our forklift. Make sure to bring the necessary tarp and straps to secure the sod. See the home page for a map to our farm.

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